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Notes: 35 August 03, 2013 ˚ 1 year ago


This is the best X-Men parody I’ve seen in a long, long time. It’s well done and references the comics and not just the movies. (Not that I begrudge you if you haven’t read the comics but I prefer 616-related stuff.)

Jamie is in it.

Watch it now.

How does this not have more views.

Sometimes I think I am done with the Internet, but then I come across things like this.

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Notes: 10 November 29, 2012 ˚ 1 year ago

Storm’s face is great in the top panel, I almost made that my icon. =B

And secondly, Chamber’s like, “I swear I am not technology illiterate! DX Look at me doing the work that the senior X-Men should have thought to do in the beginning! It’s on my tablet!”

Also, poor Legion. :<

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Notes: 17 November 28, 2012 ˚ 1 year ago


Looks like Chamber’s going to be getting a cameo in X-Men Legacy #3, along with Blindfold and Frenzy.

I’m imagining that Logan has just said something enormously hypocritical (as per usual), hence Jono about to plaster him with a snowball the size of a healthy newborn.

Chamber was in X-men Legacy #2 as well. I think he’s going to be more of a regular, considering Spurrier said he was a fan of the character. >.>

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Notes: 65 October 17, 2012 ˚ 1 year ago


New Avengers v.2 #7 written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Stuart Immonen.

aka the issue where Wolverine is eating a different food in every panel.

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Notes: 1 October 13, 2012 ˚ 1 year ago

I’m so glad this comic will still feature the Jean Grey School peoples and that not everyone will be thrown into limbo. ;u;

And I am so glad it’s not a Rogue book anymore. I love the character and all, but come on….

I am wondering about Mimic now. He came back for nothing if he goes away again. >.>

Let’s see, we got Chamber on this cover and Paige is still showing in WATXM (I am pretty sure she isn’t going anywhere). I want to know about everyone else! Gahhhh!

I still miss Jubilee. ;n;

Cover Art: Mike Del Mundo

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Notes: 2572 May 30, 2012 ˚ 2 years ago


Things that bug me about Scott by ~FarfetchedLogan

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Notes: 5 April 18, 2012 ˚ 2 years ago

From the Jean Grey School Twitter account.  They got some funny things going on there, like food machines gaining sentience and other stuff of the like.

When I started reading this I thought that whatever it is that Logan cooked that at least it should look good too.

Then I got to the “Spotted Dick”….

What IS that? o.o … It got me grinning all toothy and junk.

Also, I like to think that he totally made it to troll the staff ‘cause he is required to cook or for Santo because the food shouldn’t have junk:

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Notes: 57 February 07, 2012 ˚ 2 years ago

Marvel Heroes looking for love

Oh. My. Goosemuffins.

What is this? XD What am I looking at?

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Notes: 9 November 03, 2011 ˚ 2 years ago


This week was a hard one. The biggest news, as far as I was concerned, was the uncalled for lay-offs at Marvel, and I didn’t see anything funny there.

I looked a little harder and decided the rumoured cancellation of ALPHA FLIGHT making yet another failed attempt of Marvel to relaunch the Canadian super-team with American writers had some mock to be made.

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Notes: 4 October 24, 2011 ˚ 2 years ago

O-o Wolverine is food…

You see, I typed Wolverine into the tag search and I keep running into Wolverine and recipes, ergo Wolverine is food.

Just thought you should all know.

You know, in case you unaware….

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